On-site Nature Trails: The best of St. John's natural beauty and astonishing biodiversity lies on-site at your doorstep. A trellised archway of hanging tropical flowers greets you as you enter and walk down a short stone stairway to the front door. The large (2/3 acre) hillside property is an ecological wonderland that invites wandering -- beautiful hand-crafted stone paths and trails on several different levels lead you through the lush hardwood foliage of Guavaberry Woods, where picturesque and unique ponds and gardens of orchids, frangipani, hibiscus and bougainvillea delight the eye. Discover what fruit trees are bearing fruit - bananas, papayas, lemons, oranges, or mangos - as you explore our gardens. Using our self-directed guidebook, you can learn the names of the numerous indigenous trees and plantlife that are found throughout our tropical dry forest property. 

Forest Sights and Sounds:  Birdwatching opportunities abound -- the red-tailed hawks that soar past close enough to see the barred markings on their backs, the blazing green crest of the hummingbirds, the yellow-breasted bananaquits known for their love of sugar. The sounds of the island forest surround the visitor throughout the day, from the soft cooing of the turtle doves in the morning to the sweet chirruping of the little green "Coqui" frogs at day's end.

Garden trellis covered with bouganvilla and frangipani and artistic stone pathways welcome you to Stonegarden Cottage
Explore the many footpaths that lead you to ponds stocked with flowering lillies and mosquito eating fish.
Here's what our guests say:

"We had an absolutely wonderful time in St. John and at Stonegarden!  Everyone’s first impression of the house was even better than we all expected...We loved the surroundings with the beautiful stone pathway and all of the trees, flowers and shrubs! It gave us the island feel that we were looking for and we were not disappointed... The view from the deck was absolutely amazing!  We decided early in the week that we would eat most of our meals at the house because of the spectacular view and peaceful setting.  We awoke in the mornings to the banana quits at the bird feeder and they entertained us for quite some time.  The cottage was extremely comfortable.  It was very welcoming and a great place to come back to in the evening.  We enjoyed several of the beaches, did some hiking, scuba diving and snorkeling.  The week went way too quickly and we all would love to return. It was wonderful!!"  
-- 3/08, Becky from Grand Rapids, MI 
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Bridge to a tranquil meditation garden, one of several resting spots in Guavaberry Woods.
Stonegarden Cottage
St. John USVI Vacation Rental

A resting spot in Guavaberry Woods where you'll hear the tropical birds & enjoy cooling breezes.
Our fruit tree garden is the home of Mango, Papaya, Banana, Lemon and Orange Trees.
Hang out in your private garden with hammock, grill, and lush tropical surroundings.